All About Our Race Packages

Below is an outline of the basic offerings you can expect to be included in each Run in Hungary holiday package price, however, exact details will vary slightly from race to race.

There is a lot to consider when running a marathon abroad. When you book with Run in Hungary, we take care of most of that for you.

We are Hungarian natives.

We know the language, understand the culture, and know all the best local tips and secrets. When you choose to run with us, we happily share all of this with you. Below is an outline of the basic offerings you can expect to be included in each Run in Hungary holiday package price, however, exact details will vary slightly from race to race.

Airport transportation, parking and welcome kits.

With Run in Hungary, we are there for you from the moment you touch ground at the race location. For our Budapest race packages, we happily provide transportation from the Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport to the hotel. If you drive or rent a car, we also provide free airport parking with most of our partner hotels. For races outside of Budapest, transportation accommodations will also be provided.

We also include individual “Welcome Kits” for all of our runners upon arrival at the hotel. These kits will be equipped with your bib number, race-related information, as well as helpful tips to orientate yourself in Hungary.

Quality 4-star accommodation.

At Run in Hungary, we are also passionate racers, and we understand the necessity of quality comfort after a long race day. This is why we always guarantee a hotel that offers at least 4-star accommodations. Because we are also Hungarian locals, we know about fun, unique hotels that runners may be unlikely to find on their own.

Sightseeing tours and tips.

For most of our races, we offer fun, lively and interactive sightseeing activities for our racers to enjoy. Of course, your holiday is your holiday, and any offered tours are completely optional. If you prefer to explore the city on your own, we are also available to offer insider tips on the best places to visit. As native Hungarians, we can point you to some interesting local spots to discover the true essence of our country.

Group dinners, parties and new friends.

We always include group dinners and parties for our runners to meet and enjoy each other’s company, as well as good food and drinks. Running is more fun when done amongst friends, and we like to get the whole Run in Hungary “family” together during each of our races. These events typically happen both before and after race day and typically include dinner and/or snacks and at least a few libations.

Nutrition tips, training, warm-ups and cool-downs.

Depending on the race, Run in Hungary participants will have access to special nutrition or training sessions with guest speakers. For example, at our Vivicitta race, we will offer tailor-made nutritional plans from our partner Enduraid and a “surprise” professional runner leading a pre-race training and stretching program.

On race day, runners will meet at our tent for warm-up sessions. We will protect all of your belongings while you race, and will meet you at the finish line with snacks, hydration, cool-down massages and of course, a crisp Hungarian beer.

Race day extras.

When you show up on race morning, did you remember your sunscreen? Sports cream? Plasters? Bib number holders? If not, do not worry! At our Run in Hungary tent we will be happy to provide you with any extras you may have forgotten and will help to make sure you are ready with everything you need to run a successful race.

Anything else you may desire.

We created Run in Hungary out of our passion for running and our desire to share the best of our home country with the world. Whether your needs are marathon related or Hungary related, we will do everything we can to make your stay and run as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Our goal is to completely take care of all the details of your Hungarian marathon, allowing you to simply focus on the finish line.