Let's Choose Your First Race in 2019!

With the new year comes new years’ resolutions. It is a great time to reflect on the past year and set goals for the new year. Setting goals is one of the best ways to make sure you stay on track throughout the year. One of the more exciting goals you can set is when and where you want to run a race! This will help you plan your workouts for several months and give you a goal to work towards. Plus, planning a race is a lot like planning a vacation. You get to travel and see beautiful new places, all while getting in better shape. So, let’s choose your first race in 2019!

How to Choose When to Race
The first thing to consider is when you want to race. Ideally, you want plenty of time to train and prepare for your race. Whether it is a 5K or a full marathon, you want to be in tip top shape. That means lots of running, cross training, stretching and strengthening. Most training plans are at least 12 weeks, so the earliest you could race is spring.

Spring time is a great time to race! The weather is getting warmer and it’s so fun to be outside, soaking up the sun. Plus, getting through the difficult winter months is much easier with a goal in mind. After all, once the holiday festivities have concluded, winter can become dark and dreary. It is so easy to feel bleak in the early months of the year. But you can beat the winter blues by having a plan with a concrete goal. This will keep you motivated to get up and run in the dark. Plus, you can think of how good it will feel when you can shed all of you winter gear and run in shorts and a t shirt again!

How to Choose Where to Race
Now that you know you want to race in the spring time, it’s time to look for potential races. You need to consider the cost, distance, and location of the race. Fortunately, Run in Hungary has everything covered for your racing needs. They have some great races at a variety of distances lined up for the spring of 2019. You can run whatever distance you feel comfortable with or set a new goal that will push you to become a stronger runner!

If you’re worried about the logistics of planning your race, Run in Hungary also offers a variety of packages. You can choose whether you just want to pay for your race registration or let them take care of all of your needs – from hotels to restaurants to rides from the airport. They offer affordable packages for any racer’s needs. www.runinhungary.co.uk

And finally, when it comes to location, you can’t beat running in Hungary. It’s a beautiful country with plenty of opportunities for runners. You will also get the best view of Budapest when you race!

Making it through winter can be hard, but choosing your race shouldn’t be. Let Run in Hungary help you find the perfect first race of 2019. What are you waiting for? Set your goal today!