Travelling to Hungary

Run in Hungary is owned and operated by Hungarian natives who are eager to show your our truly magical country boasting incredible architecture, delicious food, steamy thermal baths, fairy-tale castles and a booming night life.

“We visit Hungary to run, we stay for everything else".

Run in Hungary is owned and operated by Hungarian natives who are eager to show your our truly magical country boasting incredible architecture, delicious food, steamy thermal baths, fairy-tale castles and a booming night life. While the country’s capital of Budapest is by far the most popular, there are quite a few nice towns scattered across the nation. When visiting Hungary, there is plenty to do, see, and taste, whether you have a day or a month to explore.

Things to Do in Budapest

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary with a population of about 1.75 million people. If you fly in, this is where you will land, as Budapest Ferenc Liszt is the only international airport in the country. Budapest is known for its thermal baths, awe-inspiring architecture, and incredible history. When you work with Run in Hungary, we’ll help you to do all this, as well as experience “secret” and “locals only” hangouts that few tourists will ever have the opportunity to experience.

Dip in a Thermal Bath

In Budapest, there is absolutely no shortage of thermal bath houses to choose from (about two dozen in the capital city alone). Thermal baths use natural water said to be healing for the skin, body and mind. All thermal baths will have piping hot water, jets, and art-deco architecture, however, they are all unique. Most offer full or half day tickets, which allow for between 3-12 hours of use depending on the bath and ticket you choose.

Rudas Bath (Roo-dah-sh) - The Rudas bath was first built over 450 years ago during the Turkish era. Rudas offers 6 thermal pools ranging from 16-42 degrees Celsius, swimming pools, jet and regular massages, saunas and steam rooms. While this is impressive on its own, Rudas bath is most famous for its awesome rooftop hot tub that offers unparalleled panoramic views of all of Budapest, including the parliament building and the famous Margaret Bridge. We suggest visiting Rudas at sunset, although there is truly no bad time to go. (

Gellért Bath - Gellért Bath is perhaps the most famous in Budapest, and probably for good reason. The architecture in this bath is unparalleled and needs to been seen to be believed. The columns in the main inside swimming pool will tower over you as you gaze at the intricate ceiling. Gellért bath is also particularly special for its outdoor wave pool and sundecks especially for naturalists.

Gaze at Awe-Inspiring Architecture

From bridges, to government buildings to grand statues to castles - there is no shortage of architectural marvels in the historic city of Budapest.

Parliament - You won’t miss the parliament building on a visit to Budapest. The building is actually the third largest parliament building in the world. It’s huge net-gothic style exterior houses an impressive 691 meticulously decorated rooms. Some of these rooms can be visited on guided tours only.

St. Stephens Basilica - St. Stephens Basilica is the largest church in the city. It contains much of the stunning interior architecture one can expect from a European basilica, with one eerie twist. The church actually houses the mummified hand - called the “holy right” of St Stephen - Hungary’s first king.

Fisherman’s Bastion - A trip to Fisherman’s Bastion feels like a trip to an enchanted castle from a Disney film. The neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque architecture combined with the white tone of the building feel magical and surreal. Entrance to balconies are free, with some areas reserved for those with purchased tickets.

Party, Party, Party

Budapest boasts one of the best nightlife scenes in Europe. In Budapest, you can find a party wherever you go from boats in the Danube river, to outdoor garden bars with hookah, you can always find a good time. You can even party the night away in your swimsuit, at the Szechenyi bath party held every Saturday night.

If you prefer a calmer night-life, consider visiting a local beer house. You can find many doing searches online, however, we prefer the lesser known Éleszto for its incredible craft beer selection and homey atmosphere.

Other Cities to Visit in Hungary

It’s easy to spend your entire holiday in Budapest, but you don’t have to! There are many other amazing cities scattered throughout the country.

Esztergom - Esztergom is about 46 kilometers northwest of Budapest and is rich in history. It is actually the birthplace of Hungary’s first king, King Stephen in 975 AD. Esztergom is also home to an exciting half marathon each year.

Eger - Eger is a quaint and unspoiled gem in Hungary. Most people who visit Eger spend their day walking the historic Dobó square, exploring the over 800-year-old castle, or sipping wine in the “Valley of the Beautiful Women”. The Valley of the Beautiful Women is a charming strip of tiny wineries and restaurants. Some are hundreds of years old and feel like caves or dungeons. Don’t forget to sample the year’s Bull’s Blood - a famous red wine made only in the Eger region.

Szeged - Szeged is the third largest city in Hungary and is a lively university town. The city boasts an adorable main square full of lush greenery and plenty of benches scattered about. Szeged offers impressive architecture and plenty of patio seating for a nice lunch in the sun.