We Are Run in Hungary

The idea for Run in Hungary was founded by two Hungarian friends and experienced runners, Tomi and Laci. After Laci moved to London, we began searching for a way to help English-speaking runners better experience races, as well as their visit, in Hungary. We weren’t looking for a travel agency that knew nothing about the needs of runners or another running group that didn’t understand Hungary. It didn’t take long for us to realise that a race travel option like this simply didn’t exist.

Thus, Run in Hungary was born.

What Makes Run in Hungary Different?

The key difference between an experience with Run in Hungary versus any other travel agency or running group is that we are both Hungarian natives and experienced runners.

As experienced runners, we know what you need to have a successful run. We understand what your mind and body need the night before, at the start line and at the finish line - and we make sure it is all accessible to you - exactly when you need it. We provide our runners with before and after race stretches and massages, race-day nutrition tips, hydration and snacks and most importantly - a cold Hungarian beer at the finish line.

We know what you need, and we are able to provide that to you before you even realise you need it.

As Hungarian natives, we also understand Hungary. We take care of all the details for you and are able to share with you the hidden gems of our gorgeous country. With Run in Hungary, you will always stay in at least a four-star hotel that will often be an off-the-beaten-track treasure that visitors likely would not find on their own. We are also able to help you experience hidden adventures such as locals-only beer halls or secret bath houses you won’t find on Google. In terms of basic necessities, we got you covered there, too. If you forget your sun cream and need the nearest chemist, you won’t need to ask a local for the nearest gyógyszertár for naptej. Instead, just let us handle it.

Best of all? We’ll be right there with you. We will be staying at the hotel, and will be there to support you on race day with anything you may need. When running with Run in Hungary, we take care of everything - from registering you for the race to providing extra shoelaces. After booking, all you need to do is kick back (yeah right, train hard) and focus on the finish line.

Who is Behind Run in Hungary?

Run in Hungary is owned and operated by Hungarian runners, Laci and Tomi.

Tomi currently lives in Esztergom, Hungary with his wife Évi and son Barnabás. He ran his first marathon over 20 years ago and has since completed about 40 marathons, many ultra (+100 km) runs, and has completed four Ironman races. He is the member of a prestigious running club in Esztergom and an ex-PE teacher. Tomi’s favorite race was the 100km Del Sahara, an extremely challenging race through the Sahara desert.

Laci is our UK-based team member. He currently lives in London with his wife Eszter and their two children, Emma and Marci. Laci began running marathons about 10 years ago and has since completed about 8-10 marathons, 10-12 half-marathons and 2 Ironman races. His all-time favorite race is the Budapest marathon for its perfect course, excellent organisation and beautiful weather.

Race with Us

Run in Hungary was created to offer a relaxed and runner-focused couple of days in Hungary. Run your next race in Hungary with some natives who know what you need to feed your runner’s soul, and who are also able to help you truly experience Budapest and Hungary like real locals.